Vax U88AMB Air – Light In Weight And Powerful In Performance

Vax U88AMB Air Technology has really made many aspects of life so much easier. Cleaning has never been easier, especially if vacuuming is the activity in question. There are so many different brands that product state of the art vacuum cleaners that you will simply love to have in your possession. Long gone are the days when vacuum cleaners used to weight several kilograms. There is a wide range of lightweight vacuum cleaners in market for you to select from. One of such vacuum cleaners is the Vax U88AMB Air.

Design and performance

When compared to the vacuum cleaners that were used several years ago, this one from Vax is completely weightless. This is the lightest full sized vacuum cleaner from the brand just like from Shark Vacuums is the shark rotator lift away. The first thing you will notice when you look at the Vax U88AMB is the design. This vacuum cleaner is beautiful designed in a simple yet very sophisticated style. You will love showing it off to your friends.

If the design makes your eyes grow wider in amazement, the performance of this vacuum cleaner will make your jaw drop. For starters it has excellent maneuverability. Not many upright vacuum cleaners are able to maneuver like this Vax. Cleaning around furniture will thus be a very easy task. Secondly, the handle can be adjusted to suit just about any height. It does not matter whether you are extra tall or short.

Picking up dirtVax U88AMB Air Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to picking up dirt from your hardwood floors, tiles of carpets, this vacuum cleaner is an expert. It can take up to two liters of dirt, sparing you the time you would spend emptying the container and replacing it. The Vax U88AMB will pick up pet fur and dust with such tremendous ease you will simply love vacuuming.

At its price, this vacuum cleaner is a steal. It is extremely high quality and this guarantees that you will be keeping it for a really long time. It also comes with a warranty that allows you peace of mind knowing that you have gotten the best of lightweight vacuum cleaners.